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Your Generous Donations Are Making an Impact

Fishin' for the Cure is committed to funding the best, and least toxic, research to bring more effective treatments to children with pediatric cancer. We have the top pediatric oncology minds helping to guide our research priorities. We collaborate with like-minded nonprofits to help fund more research projects, faster. We also assist families in our local communities who are affected by pediatric cancer by providing hope to them through much needed financial assistance.

Financial Assistance: Helping the families of Montana and ND battling childhood cancer

  • Because of you we have been able to help relieve local families with some of the financial burden during the most stressful time in their lives.
  • A family spends on average $136,000 per year on treatment which lasts an average 3 to 4 years.  We help to provide financial aid to our North Dakota and Montana families because we know that treatment is stressful enough – our donations can help with groceries, gas, meals, or any other need they have.
  • Each year you help us bless local families with more time with their sick child and by providing hope to them through much needed financial assistance.

Research: Advancing the landscape of Leading edge, non-toxic research

for the most fatal Childhood Cancers

  • You are helping us fund some of the most leading edge, non-toxic research for childhood cancer! We want to help families have a choice above the harsh protocols often present in the healthcare system by coming up with more non-toxic, curative options.
  • Our goal is to help accelerate these new treatments like immunotherapy and cancer vaccines by wisely investing in innovative projects, that have a high chance at success, through our partnership with Solving Kids Cancer and their world renowned scientific advisory board.
  • For the past ten plus years we have been able to assist funding in many clinical research trials to advance the cause of curing childhood cancer.
In just the past few years in collaboration with Solving Kids cancer, we were able to    

  • Grant $70,000 to Solving Kids Cancer for GPC2 Antibody Drug Project

As like-minded charities who both wish to support research that will lead to more effective and less toxic treatment options for children with high-risk solid tumors, we are collaboratively funding the project “GPC2 Antibody drug for pediatric tumors” at CHOP with Kristopher Bosse, MD as the lead researcher for the clinical development. This should translate to a new therapy to children with neuroblastoma and other solid tumors in the near term and have potential for significant efficacy in children with GPC2 positive tumors. Read more about it here and here,

As like-minded charities who both wish to support research that will lead to more effective and less toxic treatment options for children with high-risk solid tumors, we are collaboratively funding the project “Optimizing SN38 nanoparticles to treat children with high-risk solid tumors” at CHOP for the clinical development of SN38 nanoparticle which will enter in clinical trials for pediatric cancers in the next year and a half. (total cost is $368,000) This New agent should be available to children by the end of this year.

Here is some more of the impact your generous donations have helped make a reality:

$100,000 Co-Funded Immunotherapy Phase I Clinical Trial For Osteosarcoma and Neuroblastoma

Fishin' for the Cure and Solving Kids Cancer partnered to co-fund a $100,000 T Cell Immunotherapy clinical trial. This trial is the first-in-pediatrics and first-in-sarcomas to use a new Immunotherapy approach that has proven to be low in toxicity and highly active in breast cancer. This study will provide new information on whether infusions of these activated T cells will not only kill the tumor but also "vaccinate" the patients against their own cancer resulting in significant improvement in survival for patients with relapsed GD2-positive tumors. Read More here.


$50,000 Grant Funds Epigenetic Research on Osteosarcoma Metastasis

The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative has announced the funding of a $50,000 grant for promising osteosarcoma research by investigators at Case Western Reserve University (CSRW) and the National Institutes of Health. The team of researchers hope, for the first time, to determine what genes and proteins are truly responsible for osteosarcoma metastasis. Read More here

$250,000 Collaborative Grant Funds Childhood and Young Adult Cancer Research

Our funding that was donated in 2011 and 2012 has been given to the Liddy Shriver  Sarcoma Initiative and was used to help fund a $250,000 grant. The grant brings together researchers from Austria, Italy and the United States in a two-year study of these rare childhood cancers. Read more here.

A $50,000 osteosarcoma research grant has been awarded to researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine.The funding for this grant is made possible, in part, by generous donations made by the family and friends in memory of Sean Keane (Irish Media Ball), Frank Shafer (Sarcoma Walk), and Brandon Gordon (Golf for Gordie) all of whom lost their lives to osteosarcoma, and by generous donations made by the family and friends of Logan Brasic (Soccer ‘Round the Clock), Matthew Siegle (Fishin’ for the Cure), Emma Koertzen (Stewart’s Stampede), and Lauren Chelenza (Pearl S. Buck Elementary School Walk-a-Thon) who are all still fighting this disease. 

Bringing Hope to Families affected by Pediatric Cancer
We also use our funds to help families affected by Pediatric Cancer. Below are a few of the very special families we have been able to bring hope to, as a result of your generous donations

Grace's Story Grace was diagnosed with brain cancer at 4 months old and has been fighting since...she just turned 5. To help out with their families mounting medical and travel expenses we were able to bless their family with financial assistance, and even more important, with hope. You can read more about Amazing Grace's story here.

Others Coming Soon...

Big Sky Kids Camp
We also use our funds to help other children enjoy a little 'normal' time during their battle with cancer by sponsoring them to attend Eagle Mount Cancer Camp. This is a camp that Matt and his brother Cole and Sister Tracy attended before Matt passed away and we look forward to continuing to help other children be able to attend also.

  Fishin' For The Cure exists for one reason, to help find a cure for cancer. We are a non for profit organization that contributes all donations directly to cancer research and aiding children that are fighting cancer. We encourage everyone to participate in our fishing tournaments. However, if you can not make it to our tournaments and would like to help support FFTC please donate to our organization from the link below. Any contribution you make may be tax deductible. We thank you in advance for your generous contributions and willingness to help! 

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